DB Stations

Digital Band Radio

Digital Band Radio

Digital Band Radio what is it? Well a few paragraph from www.thenadb.org website explains what the Digital Broadcast band is. When you think of DB, Think the likes of FM, AM and TV.

The Internet’s “airwaves” are becoming more and more crowded each and every day, making it harder for audiences to find stations. Our audience is growing exponentially each and every day because of our call sign’s. The the addition of standalone Internet radios, iPhones, Androids, Tablets and other smart platforms, with built-in WiFi-enabled like in automobiles.

Moving to the next generation of broadcasting, it is essential for stations to have simple, easy-to-remember (and access) call letters. The U-Rock Network was created to facilitate the cooperative efforts of content providers, station owners, producers, musicians and sponsor business to work together. The use of call signs help us to remain organized and not covering duplicate work and therefor make our rsources go farther. See the many benefits the network has to offer you. Contact Us Today.

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NOTE: Internet Radio Uniform Callsign (IRUC) is transitioning to the more standard term Digital Radio Uniform Identifier (DRuID) during 2012.

UPDATE: Effective on 1 June 2010, all -IR (Internet Radio) station suffixes will be automatically converted to -DB (Digital Broadcast) suffixes. The change to -DB more accurately reflects the wider choice of receiver platforms available to the listening public.