Affordable Radio Advertising

Affordable Radio Advertising

We offer Affordable Radio Advertising deals to get your advertisement on U-Rock Radio™ and across the U-Rock Network™. We offer 6,13 & 26 week runs to deliver your message with banner ad & content support making The U-Rock Network™ the most Affordable Radio Advertising on the market today. We will increase the traffic to your website & heighten your brand awareness with Affordable Radio Advertising on our many live radio streams. Our 6 week campaign is a specially priced trial campaign to get you comfortable with radio advertising and gather a few metrics, @$75 it is Affordable Radio Advertising. You simply supply your graphics, ad copy & we will propose a campaign for your business & record your commercial.

If your sure that radio is your medium and your looking to get your message out to the Millennials then you want one of our very Affordable Radio Advertising package, just click below to see the options.


If you want the best deal in the house then you want our “Brand Awareness” package. We get started running your advertisement on the entire U-Rock Radio Network™ of stations.


With our “Brand Awareness” package you receive Audio Ads, Top of the hour Mentions throughout the programming schedule Daily. We also provide giveaway time slots if you have promotional items you’d like to distribute. You company is included in all promotional printed material advertisement distributed by the local stations.



The Best Deal for your Dollar! (Promote Band or Business)

Spots for advertising are now available on the U-Rock Network! Run your ads in 15 Markets!

That is correct! U-Rock Radio is now in 15 markets which offers you the ability to advertise in all or a few, depending on your needs. Your at the site where you can find information about our current affiliates on the network. Your Ads will appear on all releated sub-domains to create an even broader reach to spread your message and attract customers.

The only requirement is that the ads be in high quality format by the advertiser.
Acceptable ads include, but are not limited to:

  1. Ads which are music related
  2. Ads introducing a YouTube channel for the purpose of reaching more subscribers
  3. Ads promoting upcoming albums and/or tour dates
  4. Ads promoting a business
  5. Ads promoting a website

Cost for ad spots are as follows:

  • 30 seconds for $25.00
  • 60 seconds for $50.00

To obtain a spot for advertising, please contact Below we have more opportunities for you to advertise your business!

Physical Magazine Ads and Postcard Distribution

  • Full Page full color 4.75 inches height by 4.75 inches wide
  • 1/3 Page
  • 1/4 Page
  • 1/2 Page

For advertising in our physical magazine you may use the contact page to reach us.

Advertise on our Main Websites

  • 1050×400 Feature Placement
  • 728×90 banner
  • 300×600 banner
  • 300×300 banner
  • Stories Brought to you by: Ads

We have web coverage to get you the exposure you need averaging 26k unique visitors a week with Google Analytics to back it up our claims. We have multiple sites URock.Info, Urockradio.Co,, click here for full list, that help us reach ever outlet possible on the net.

Other Advertising Opportunities

We supply a full range of promotional services from Mini-Web to Logo Design, from Audio Commercial Creation to full show production. To learn more about these services Click here to get started, your project will be handled by professionals.

Sponsor our websites!

The U-Rock Network is actively seeking sponsors, be displayed on every page of and These spots are not free they are for supporters and sponsors. If you wish to be a sponsor please contact us at 610-245-3651 and leave a contact phone number you can be reached.