Partner With U-Rock Network

Weather you produce content or host a radio program we would like to partner with you. Rock and roll is our thing and we support it anyway we can. When a band is accepted onto the playlist they begin to get a level of support that can not be paid for. The Urock Network will introduce your music to music fans that still enjoy rock and roll.

Europe & Australia never stopped supporting the genre the way the US market began to ignore it. Through conversations with many industrial people that know, the problem with the US market is the lack of outlets supporting it. Any outlet that does does well, but many are no longer around. To say the scene is dead is just garbage talk. The scene is very much alive, vinyl album sales are doing better than the online streaming services like Pandora.

So we pick the music from stuff we like when we hear it. The music that is on the playlist is many years worth of material plus current stuff we discover presently. Being selected from the Playlist Consideration pool is the best way to get your music in-front of us, your material being kick ass is the best way to getting on the playlist.