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The U-Rock Network™ is a collective of Rock and Roll music lovers banded together to keep great rock alive. U-Rock Radio™’s mission is to support artist, bands, songwriters, other scenes, entities supporting rock and the musicians participating in it. We use radio programming, gorilla marketing, social media, apps and physical medium like postcards & flyers to promote the cause. If you share the same drive, desire & dream then Join Us! Bands Click Here to submit your music for consideration.

Look for the licensed affiliate logo to ensure you are tuned into proper U-Rock Radio station.276x155_Urock_Radio_Header

Presently, The U-Rock Network™ operates eight of 25 Stations registered. Currently operating affiliates in Hillsdale, MI, Indianapolis, IN, Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA and Pittsburg, KS on the FM at KSEK-FM 99.1, metal, progressive, indie, punk, garage, revival, 50′, 60’s, 70’s and styles not mentioned, Like we said if it Rocks, Then we play it. If you are already running an internet station or producing a radio show and believe in great music, then join us.

U-Rock Radio™ helps the very bands played in rotation. We offer tour support and other performance opportunities in our markets. The Network sites are run by individuals who work in the 50 mile territory that there affiliate covers. These individuals working together as affiliates with their own Call sign as assigned by the National Association of Digital Broadcasters make great promotion possible.

216x216_standard_logoU-Rock Radio™ was started December 13, 1999 on Live365. Since then many changes have taken place in the Digital Broadcast field. Right now Urock Radio is one of the longest running stations as well as being Philadelphia’s First Professional internet Rock Radio station and the First of it’s kind Network for the 21st Century. Our playlist contains music from bands, songwriters that share an enthusiasm for Rock and Roll music.
The Urock Network™ is on all the social networking websites promoting the cause. Join us and Like us or tweet us, Pin Us, just drop a line and share your favorite band for us to check out, remember to catch us on the mobile broadband. You can stream from any device, including Apple’s iTunes and Droid, Tune In Now and Enjoy! The U-Rock Network™ is the premier place to hear up and coming bands that can write a song or two and deserve exposure.

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